“I was unable to help my son with his French lessons, as I am not too good at it. That is when Yasmin offered to help. Now, his teachers tell me that he has improved a lot. He looks forward to her classes with great enthusiasm and I can see why. She is a very talented teacher who has a special knack with young children. I highly recommend her.”, Alla, Johathan’s mother, Jonathan is 8 years old, Thornhill


Yasmin is the best French tutor I have ever had. Her classes are so much fun. She can answer any doubt, and knows how to make every lesson interesting.” – Daniel, 10 years old, Thornhill


Before Hannah started tutoring with Yasmin, she didn’t like French and felt it was too difficult. But, it is now her favorite subject. Her grades have steadily been improving. I couldn’t have done it without her help.” – Rachel , Hannah’s mother, Hannah is 8 years old, Thornhill Woods


Yasmin’s passion for French is contagious. Ever since she started tutoring Nika in French, Nika has learned to enjoy the language and I think she is much better at it now. Thank you Yasmin, for your help.”, Alyssa, Nika’s mother, Nika is 5 years old, Dufferin Hills


Yasmin taught Ilana how to read and write French. Ilana loves her classes. Yasmin can answer any question, and Ilana felt comfortable asking her even small doubts. She enjoys studying this language now, and her school teacher tells me her French is very good. It is all thanks to Yasmin.”, Sarah, Ilana’s mother, Ilana is 8 years old, Thornhill