Yasmin French Tutoring helps children discover the joy of learning French, through personalized tuition classes. Yasmin, your French tutor, will teach you to READ, WRITE and SPEAK French. My classes are educational, and engaging at the same time. So, your kids will not only improve their French skills, but also enjoy learning it.

Most schools today teach French, but not all children understand all that they should from their classes at school. Yasmin French tutoring will help bridge the gap by assisting your children with their portions and helping them with their French homework. My lessons provide much needed individual attention, and I will work at your child’s pace. I am passionate about the French language, and will quickly inculcate a love for French in your child too. So, enroll your child at Yasmin French Tutoring today, and start them off on the exciting journey of discovering French.

Knowing another language is always a good thing. Not only does it help you communicate in a language other than your own, it also introduces you to the culture of the country it belongs to. Whether you learn a language as a hobby, or in school, a new language will benefit you in many ways in the long run.

It is even better if you learn how to read and write a language that is internationally popular. French is one such language. Like English, French is spoken globally, and this makes it very useful. Did you know that French is one of the languages spoken in all five continents? It is a rich language which has many great works of literature. It is also considered the language of cooking, theater, dance, architecture and fashion.

Learning French is easy, and it doesn’t take too long to reach a level where you can communicate in it. Nevertheless, learning this melodious language should be a fun and positive experience. Only then can the learner understand and enjoy it, and reap its many benefits. It is easier for students with good communication skills in French to obtain opportunities at famous French Universities and schools.

I feel that a child would be more comfortable learning from another child, rather than an adult. I can quickly establish a good rapport with children and can help them develop an interest in the language. After a few lessons, they will think of me as a friend, who is more importantly their tutor.

The first kid I tutored was my brother, Aviv, and I am still helping him. He moved to french immersion school and he is getting better grades. I decided to teach other kids because I always feel happy when I see another child succeed in french. French is taught in every school and if you get a little extra help you will get A+’s very soon.


My Personal Guarantee:

I assure you that your child will get better grades in French and that they will enjoy working with me, or you get your money back. No questions asked.